Gudy van Poppel

Bullet Knife


Folding knife, stonewashed M390 steel blade, ball bearing system, framelock, grade 5 Titanium scales.

Limited run of 300 numbered pieces, comes with a certificate of authenticity.

In order to produce quality knives, each collaboration starts with friendship, passion, and above all mutual respect.

Gudy van Poppel is a fulltime Dutch Bladesmith well known for his work in both Europe and the United States.

He started as a genuine Blacksmith and has been making blades for several decades now. He learned to forge his own damascus steel mid 90’s. He has been attending shows and exhibitions with his handmade/custom knives since 1997. He started with making/handforging mainly fixed blades and later on, swords.

Becoming known within the inner circle of the knifecommunity, also the demand for folding knives in his particular style began to grow. So ever since he started he build a broad repertoire of all kinds of blades. What most of these have in common is that they’re mostly made with damascus steel forged by himself. (Gudy makes all parts of his knives, including screws, washers and timascus for example.) He is well known for delivering high quality and has a steady growing group of customers/followers, both collectors and users, in Europe and the United States of America.

His blades are often finished with natural materials as mammoth ivory, walrus ivory, exotic hardwoods, antler and bones of all sort. This way Gudy van Poppel is able to handcraft modern knives with a classic touch or design. The fit & finish of his blades is of the highest standards available. His craftmanship is undisputed and his reputation in the inside knifecommunity and among collegues is increasing rather fast!

Gudy van Poppel

Gudy van Poppel
Crédit photo : Jean Langenbronn

For an optimal care of your Bullet Knife, each knife comes with a Nano-Oil™ 10W micro oiler.

Nano-Oil ™ is a range of lubricants manufactured in the USA, using active molecules called “nano-bearings” whose size is less than 0.090 micron. They are magnetically induced (really negatively charged) to adhere to crevices and really penetrate the metals, to offer a very dynamic contact with reduced friction.

Nano-Oil ™ does not contain any of the following: Silicone – PTFE Resins – Graphyte – Molybdenum Disulfite – Teflon – Copper – Silver – Lead – hazardous metals or solvents.

Gudy van Poppel’s Bullet Knife, custom prototype of the collaboration.

The product of the collaboration between Gudy Van Poppel and Editions G, the Bullet Knife will be a limited run of 300 pieces.


Gudy van Poppel


Bullet Knife


M390, stonewashed


Titane grade 5

Lock system

Frame lock


Titane grade 5


Blade: 90mm – Handle: 12,5mm – Overall length: 220mm




LionSteel sas, Italy

  1. Marcel

    Sehr schönes Messer!robust und liegt gut in der Hand. Und ist dank der schönen struktur sehr griffig.Preis Leistungs Verhältnis ist gut.Alles in einer sehr massifen Kunstofbox.

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